Treatment Tips For Oily Skin And Acne

Oily skin is a big problem for men and women alike, because of the acne breakouts that can be caused by it. It is, therefore, understandable that oily skin can be frustrating.

However there are a few tips and tricks that can help tackle this issue, some of which are listed below.

Cleansing the Face

Washing your face twice a day, at least in the morning and evening, can be a good way to reduce oily skin and acne. Try to use a foaming soap or a facial cleanser over cream-type lotions and cleansers. Washing your face (or body if required) can also help reduce a sweat related acne called acne mechanica, which is caused by sweat staying too long on the pores after a gym session, workout etc.



Astringents are specially designed toners for oily skin. Astringents actively remove excess oil from the skin, and also temporarily tightens the pores. It is applied using a cotton ball or pad by wiping it over the face and neck region. Astringents can also be used to remove excess oil in between washings and remove the oily shine of the skin that appears during the day.

Using Oil Free Skin Care Products

Many skin care products have oil in them, especially leave on products like makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen. You may not want to have more oil than is already there so check for the ‘oil free’ label on these items. It is also advised to use products that are noncomedogenic i.e. products that do not cause skin blockages. Using water based products can also reduce the amount of oil that goes on to your skin.

Do Not Rub The Skin Too Much

It is a common misconception that scrubbing the face can reduce oiliness, acne and deep cleanse pores. This is not true at all. Rubbing the skin only worsens the texture of the skin and irritates it. So try not to disturb the skin much.



Exfoliating products and acne treatments reduces excess oil and can also reduce the size of large pores. Even though the size of pores cannot be reduced, it can be made to look smaller. Big pores, like acne, can be a big nuisance. Exfoliating products can also be used to make them look smaller as well.


Moisturizers, especially water based ones, are very useful for reducing oily skin. They can remove excess oil by absorbing it and crumbles to a powder that can be removed easily.

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